Yocan UNI Universal 510 Thread Portable Vaporizer Box Mod

by Yocan
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Yocan UNI box mod is the world's first universal width and height adjustable box mod that will work with all sizes of universal 510 thread oil cartridges! The Yocan UNI Box Mod features everything you came to love about Yocan products: ease of use, affordability, functionality, practicality, and now protection for your valuable oil cartridge. And, we've got 14 colors to choose from!

The UNI Box Mod uses a patented design that offers two types of adjustments so it can be customized to fit all oil cartridges, regardless of size and length. The first adjustment is to the opening size to accommodate any width cartridge. The key here is the UNI's adjustable knob located just below the lip of the cartridge chamber. Rotating the knob left or right causes the opening to grow or shrink to properly hold your cartridge tightly in place. The second adjustment is for the cartridge height, which uses a lever to adjust the height of the cartridge so the mouthpiece is properly positioned for easy access.

Wax Atomizer Option

For the waxy concentrates enthusiasts, Lord Vaper brings you the ZOLO-C (see picture below), the latest in compact, ultra-affordable 510 thread wax atomizers. Designed to drop into the Yocan UNI like an oil cartridge, the ZOLO-C extends the utility of the Yocan UNI to give you an inexpensive way to enjoy some yummy concentrates... Included in the ZOLO-C kit are two atomizers, a coil-less ceramic chamber (great for flavorful, smooth hits) and a single-coil Silicon Carbide/Aludirome combination (great for those enjoying strong, big cloud hits).

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ZOLO-C Wax Atomizer Yocan UNI

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▪ Discreet design, lightweight, easily fits in the palm of your hand
▪ Fits virtually all 510 thread oil cartridges
▪ High protection value for your cartridges, fits easily in your pocket
▪ Three preset voltages for most oil types
▪ 10 second preheat option (Two clicks for automatic preheat)
▪ Magnetic connection firmly holds the cartridge in the UNI
▪ Built-in 650mAh battery
▪ Dimensions: 3" (H) x 1.3" (W) x 1" (D)

Yocan UNI Universal Portable Box Mod THC Oil Cartridges CBD Oil Cartridges Vape Pen Battery Yocan UNI 510-thread box battery offers ultimate protection and discretion for your oil cartridges


Package Contents

1x Yocan UNI box mod (oil cartridge battery)

1x Magnetic 510 thread adapter 

1x Micro-USB charging cable

NOTE: Oil Cartridge shown in product images is not included in the package contents.

Product Warranty

Six (6) months workmanship warranty.