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X Pen Pro 3 Vaporizer

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The almighty X Pen Pro 3 is one of the most functional and compact units we've ever offered. It has a built in 2600mAh battery for ultimate power, and you can adjust the temperature between 200F-460F. This vaporizer uses a ceramic heating chamber which is more efficient and effective. The vapor volume and flavor that this device delivers is something you must experience in order to fully appreciate.

The perfection of this unit begins with its 100% ceramic heating chamber. Ceramic is the best material for use with dry herbs because it retains heat for a long period of time. Your herbs are warmed evenly in this rig for a premium experience. Ceramic helps to create great vapor volume and also aids in the release of terpenes which affect flavor. You can adjust the temperature between 200F-460F to fine tune the experience you want. This vaporizer also has a five minute constant heat function. This allows it to reliably deliver vapor on the first draw each time.

An LCD display on the X Pen Pro 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer provides a wealth of information. You can monitor battery life, temperature, and the current time. The display is bright and very easy to read. This vaporizer also has a memory feature that will remember your last temperature setting. Also included on this vape pen is a built-in herb grinder and storage chamber that makes it easy to transport your herbs and prepare them for vaping.

The mouthpiece of this vaporizer is innovative. It has a stir pen that actually allows you to stir the bowl as you vape. This insures that you are getting the most out of your plant material. There are two independent airways on the unit which afford maximum airflow. Everything about this vaporizer has been engineered for outstanding performance.

This vape pen comes in a package which includes 1 X Pen Pro 3 vaporizer, 1 cleaning brush, 1 USB charging cable, and an owners manual. The X Pen Pro 3 is a very user-friendly device perfect for new and seasoned vapers of dry herbs.

Note that this vaporizer pen is much more powerful than its predecessor and provided you try the recommended settings, or experiment to find your personal preference, you will get big tasty clouds and you won't burn your herb.

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