Viper Electric Crown 3-pack

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The Viper Electric Crown bowl (atomizer) features a snake-coil at the inside base and was originally crafted by Lord Vaper. This bowl is a great replacement for our Cloudmaker glass globe vape pen kits or the Magic Lamp globe attachment. The reviews speak for themselves, most people prefer these new-improved bowls for concentrates, absolutely amazing output. It is 510-threaded eGo/EVOD compatible battery but works best inside a glass dome. The Viper bowl is crafted especially for improved long-lasting output and durability.

Outstanding key features:

  • Metal bowl with ceramic chamber to hold heat and nichrome coil for maximum effect.
  • Long lasting with proper care
  • Replacements come in packs of 3 bowls so you don't need to reorder too often

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    3 pack for only $12.95 - Save $2.00

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