The Chief Pop-Top Storage Containers

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Chuck Billy, lead-singer of Testament, loves having a little extra material close by for those spontaneous moments, and these little pop-top storage containers are just the ticket! Another unique accessory in Chuck Billy's "The Chief" Signature Series collection, these pop-top storage containers are virtually smell-proof, and hold more than enough for a day trip, or that special night on the town. They measure 1.77″ in diameter and 0.59″ tall (45mm by 15mm). Made in the USA, these containers sport a durable, metallic silver base coat, and are topped with Chuck's unique imagery depicting his Native American heritage. There's no end to how many times you can 'pop' the top, but be careful, popping the top becomes quite addictive...

How to open and close

These unique pop-top containers open by gently pressing the middle of the top down, which makes the slotted sides around the top open and release it from the bottom. This is when you'll hear a 'pop' giving you indication that the top is open. Then, simply lift the top away from the bottom to expose the storage area. To close, replace the top onto the bottom, then gently pinch the slotted sides to make them 'pop' back into shape around the bottom securely. Very easy to operate!

Product Contents

● 3-pack Pop-top Storage Containers