Silver Chalice SINGLE Ceramic Rod Coils 3-pack

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The Silver Chalice Single Ceramic Rod bowl (atomizer 3 pack) is perfect for dabbing concentrates or dry herbal grinds. This funnel bowl is fully compatible with the Magic Lamp Glass Globe attachments or the Cloudmaker vaporizer and features a single ceramic rod coil set in a deep metal bowl. Replace any old or spent bowls simply by unscrewing them from the connector and screwing this replacement atomizer into place. Stir above the coils for best results. Clean with cotton swabs and water however we advise you not to use when wet.

Outstanding key features:

  • Metal bowl with a single ceramic rod wrapped with a nichrome coil inside a low-seated ceramic cup crafted to produce maximum heat
  • Long-lasting with proper care
  • Deep bowl to pack a generous amount of material

    Compatible with:

3 pack for only $12.95 - Save $8.00

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