Phoenician 4-Piece Grinder

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The Phoenician 4-piece grinders are made from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum and are medical grade. In fact, they are one of the only grinders on the market today specifically made for medical purposes and come sterilized in a pouch. Each grinder features the patent pending “Fast Lock System.” An important feature of the Phoenician grinders is that they have diametric teeth for a better grind. Also with an exterior lobe gripping design, you’ll have a no-slip grip no matter how you hold it. The magnets are made from N52 neodymium material, which are shown to be the strongest magnet available.

Made in the USA! Each Phoenician grinder comes with a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer, but you'll need to register to be eligible. If it breaks, they'll replace it!

A Phoenician grinder will be the last grinder you'll ever need!


  • Exterior Lobe Gripping designed for multiple grip options and styles
  • Patent Pending Diametric Teeth
  • Medical Grade, each Grinder has a unique ID
  • 6061 Aerospace Aluminum with Replaceable Screens
  • No Threads, Patent Pending Fast Lock System

    Pollen/Kief Catcher

    The stainless steel screen is sized to the grinder and not stretched to fit; it can also be removed and replaced, which is a feature that other grinders don't have. Once the screen gets clogged, you can either remove it and replace it, or simply rinse it and let dry. The pollen/kief catcher itself is made in a bowl-like design, so that users can easily collect the pollen from the catcher without leaving any remains in the grinder.


    Small = 2.225" H x 1.855" W

    Medium = 2.225" H x 2.470" W

    Product Warranty

    Phoenician Grinders offer a lifetime warranty on the function of the grinder; they want their grinder to be the last one you ever buy. The warranty does not cover scratching the finish or denting of the appearance, but they will cover all of the parts and functionality of the grinder with full-backing.