Green Machine Electric Crown 3-pack

The new Green Machine Electric Crown (atomizer) featuring the VertiCoil is designed for use with the X Pen Mini battery. True stealth, compact vaporizing is essential to help eliminate inhalation of unhealthy toxins. The new VertiCoil™ inside begins to vape within a few seconds without a long wait time and is tougher than old standard coils and lasts longer than horizontal coils.

Outstanding key features:

  • Vaporizing between 370F and 420F
  • X Pen Mini battery compatible (aka elips/micro)
  • Heating before combustion (baking) significantly reduces the inhalation of undesirable toxins and/or second hand smoke
  • Much more durable, less prone to damage and is proven to last longer than horizontal coils
  • Now you can use a dabber to shift or pack your vaping material or a brush to clean around the interior side or base of the bowl rather than poking or scraping with risk of breaking a coil. This coil is vertically wrapped around a thin ceramic rod in the center of the chamber and dry grinds easily pour in around and over the coil
  • 9mm bowl - plenty of room for several hits - pack and go

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3 pack for only $24.95 - Save $5.00


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