Green Cloud Herbal Crown 3-pack

The Green Cloud Electric Crown bowl (atomizer) features the advanced and more durable VertiCoil and is a great replacement for our Cloudmaker vape pen or Magic Lamp glass globe attachments.

Stir and/or pack the bowl around the coil for best results. Fine grinds work best in this bowl. Clean with cotton swabs and water but do not use the device with a wet coil. This electric crown heats up to vape your dry grinds within seconds and of course it is compatible with concentrates. Also try the Dabstick, Dabstick 2 and Viper bowls.

Outstanding key features:

  • Metal bowl with ceramic core and nichrome coil for maximum heat
  • Lid with holes to help prevent ash from leaving the chamber
  • Long lasting with proper care
  • Replacements come in packs of 3 bowls so you don't need to reorder too often


Compatible with:

3 pack for only $14.95 - Save $3.00

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