Dabstick Electric Crown 3-pack

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The Dabstick Electric Crown bowl (atomizer 3 pack) features an advanced and more durable coil-wrapped ceramic rod and is a great replacement for our Cloudmaker glass globe vape pen kits or the Magic Lamp globe attachments. This bowl does not contain the old-school wick and results are that most people prefer these new-improved bowls for concentrates. It is 510-threaded eGo/EVOD compatible battery but works best inside a glass dome. Replace any old or broken bowls simply by unscrewing them from the connector and twisting in this new attachment. The Dabstick is crafted especially for improved output and durability.

Outstanding key features:

  • Metal bowl with ceramic rod, no wick, and nichrome coil for maximum heat
  • Long lasting with proper care
  • Replacements come in packs of 3 bowls so you don't need to reorder too often

Compatible with:

3 pack for only $10.95 - Save $4.00

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