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Lord Vaper Pens - Wholesale

If you run a smoke shop or vape-related shop or service either brick & mortar or online, simply click to one of the following products available for wholesale purchase and resale. Save big and profit bigger with Lord Vaper Pens.

X Pen Slim - great stealthy vape pens for concentrates (wax, crumble) and dry herb that arrive in a display box of 20 pieces for you to place on your counter top or cases. 

Chief Slim - same as above, 20 pcs per display case for concentrates and dry herb. signature series slim vape pen by Chuck Billy, sam the big Native American rock star we did a collaboration with, these sell GREAT.

Chuck is "The Chief", vocalist of Testament, 30 year veterans of heavy metal from the SF Bay Area. Chuck has won awards not only for music, but from the local government as well. See his Wikipedia page for more info. Chuck and Testament are one of the world's biggest (top 5) bands in the genre, every metal fan knows the mighty Chuck Billy - The Chief.

See each page for details, box contents, further info and profitable pricing.