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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I operate my new Chuck Billy "The Chief" or X Pen Pro herbal vaporizer?

1) Hold the vape pen upright in one hand and gently remove the mouthpiece by pushing it forward with your thumb.
2) Fill the chamber with dry grinds or simply use your fingers to crumble the dried material. If you use a grinder it's best NOT to finely grind your material like flour. Pack the stainless steel chamber to the top being careful not to pack it too tight to allow for airflow.
3) Replace the mouthpiece by snapping it into place gently.
4) CLICK the power button 5 times to turn the vaporizer on, then HOLD power button for 3 seconds to switch to the middle setting (red) and in most cases, for best results hold the power button for 3 more seconds to switch it to the highest (blue) setting.
5) Give it anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds to heat up. When you've chosen your temp setting and the chamber has heated up fully, you're ready to inhale - take long steady drags for big vapor.

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device able to utilize plants and essential oils in the practice of aromatherapy. Vaporizers use temperature control (not combustion) to heat plant matter or oils to an exact temperature, vaporizing the active ingredients which are then inhaled.


What makes Lord Vaper Pens better?

Combustion instantly destroys 30% - 40% of the key elements found in various botanicals, and releases a multitude of new chemical compounds (carcinogens). Vaporizing provides a more desired effect by utilizing temperature-specific key ingredients which are released at much lower temperatures than combustion. Lord Vaper Pens, including the X Pen and Chuck Billy's The Chief line of vaporizers, delivers the active chemicals as a vapor mist, leaving behind undesired carcinogens as well as more fully utilizing the material.


Can a vaporizer get me in trouble?

Lord Vaper Pens products are not intended for use with illegal substances and are completely focused as a mobile solution for practitioners of aromatherapy. Any instrument used for illegal substances can get you in trouble but aromatherapy devices are legal.


Why make a pocket vaporizer?

Portability and mobility are important features for our personal gadgets. Our phones and computers are prime examples of highly useful devices that fit in your pocket and greatly improve our quality of life. With this in mind, a pocket vaporizer answers true portability while other vaporizers are criticized as too big. With a smaller sized device comes the advantage of true portability.


Why don't I see or smell smoke?

Vaporization is designed to extract key ingredients through convection heating without combustion. Although Lord Vaper vaporizers are capable of reaching temperatures up to 450°F, most materials combust at this temperature and you are burning your matter.

Does the vaporizer use butane?

No. Lord Vaper Pens vaporizers are 100% battery operated. There is no need to add butane. Each vaporizer runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Not only does this result in accurate temperature control, but you are not inhaling butane fumes. The vaporizers come with high-grade cables for USB and/or AC adapters for wall charging.