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About Us

Lord Vaper is a leading provider of high-quality custom vaporizers and vape pen kits. Now offering the X Pen series vaporizers, The Chief herbal vaporizer by Lord Vaper and Chuck Billy of Testament, attachments and accessories for your dry herbs or concentrates.

We are located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and serve customers and stores worldwide. The growing Lord Vaper team has over 30 years combined experience providing high-quality products and services in the smoke and vaporizer market. Enjoy the industry's most competitive prices with our custom kits, attachments and accessories.

We stand behind our products firmly and act as we believe that customer satisfaction and quality products are the two most important factors in business. We're here to help with 24/7 support when you need it. We trust you will enjoy doing business with Lord Vaper, King of Vape Pens.

Lord Vaper Pens
Alameda, Ca. 94502


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