Focusvape Pro Premium Vaporizer

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The Focusvape Pro Premium is an excellent vaporizer for those people looking for a compact, portable pen-style that's quick and easy to use. This modestly-priced model even comes with its' own bubbler attachment, for those that enjoy the cooling sensation and bubbling sound of that perfect hit! 

The Pro Premium is fully-featured and offers unique features that are typically only found in the higher-end models, such as adjustable airflow, replaceable battery, vibration feedback when ready to use, and so much more.

Silicawear that imitates leather and covers the device, not only looks good and feels right  in your hands, but also protects the device from falls and scratches. Pro Premium is made out of high-quality metals, Pyrex glass and ceramic chamber, so it’s nice to handle and operate. Combination of silicawear and strong metal device construction, makes the Pro Premium very durable and hard to break or damage.

Product Features

  • OLED display: battery level, user setpoint temperature, and current temperature.
  • Temperature range: 80°C-240°C/ 176°F-464°F), adjustable in 1°C increments.
  • Airflow control valve
  • The generous 0.5g convection chamber is just the right size for the perfect vape session!
  • Vibration indication upon powering on and when vaping temperature is reached and ready to use
  • Quick Heating up time: 35 seconds
  • Replaceable Samsung 18650, 1 X (3200mAh) high-drain battery

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Controlled Airflow

Only with Focusvape Pro can you control the amount of fresh air that can come into the heating chamber to mix with vapor. You can open or close 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 of the full airflow access. The amount of air you let trough, effects the density and flavor of vapor, allowing you to find and control your personal best vapor flavor.

Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece is made out of two main parts: 1) a high-quality Pyrex glass tube and 2) a golden filter with a triple filtration system and ceramic heat release air tunnel. Easy to use, easy to setup, easy to clean! Most users have never encountered a mouthpiece with such efficient filtration system, while at the same time being so easy to clean.

Removable/Replaceable Battery

There aren't many vaporizers in the market that offer this type of option, at this price-point, to simply replace the battery.

Fast Heating

The Pro Premium is ready to use in about 20 seconds. Heat-up time between sessions is just 10-15 seconds. Temperature is clearly shown on the big OLED display. Operating the temperature level is very easy with two (< and >) buttons under the screen. 

Water Bubbler Attachment Included

Included in the box is the redesigned Pyrex glass bubbler attachment. It's simple to attach, fill with water, then take a perfect hit with that awesome 'bong' feel and sound!

Package Contents

  • 1 * Focusvape PRO device
  • 1 * Bubbler Attachment
  • 1 * Original Samsung 3,200mAh high-drain battery
  • 1 * Micro USB charging cable (5-pin)
  • 1 * Spare glass mouthpiece
  • 1 * Packing tool
  • 1 * Cleaning Brush
  • 3 * Filter screens
  • 1 * User manual (English, German, Spanish, Slovenian, French)


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Focusvape Herb Cart


Product Warranty

All Focusvape products are warrantied by the manufacturer for a period of one (1) year after date of purchase.