The Chief "Tomahawk"

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A pipe like no other, Chuck Billy's Signature Series "Tomahawk" is a unique cone-shaped pipe, with a completely-enclosed Pod combustion chamber and built-in lighter! The look is so unique, no one will know what it is, so you can enjoy a session with the ultimate in discretion. Beyond its sleek look, the Tomahawk also has a unique filtering benefit when compared to other forms of smoking. The integrated 'activated' charcoal filter, located in the mouthpiece, helps to filter a lot of the toxins produced during combustion. So, you'll enjoy a tastier, healthier experience with Chuck's Tomahawk! Rock one of these awesome Chuck Billy Tomahawk pipes at the next gathering, and you're sure to be the center of attention!

Whether you're on the go, at a party, or just sitting at home, you won't have to worry about carrying the Tomahawk in your pocket, purse, or backpack, since it's built like a rock! And, you get a cool microfiber bag to safely store your stuff when you're on-the-go.


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Product Features

▪ Unique cone shape hides the fact that it's a pipe
▪ Built-in lighter is good for ~250 ignites per refill
▪ Interchangeable Pod combustion chamber
▪ Smell-proof Stash tube, includes four (4) refillable Pods
▪ Stylish tote bag for carrying everything conveniently in your backpack, purse, etc.
▪ Easy to clean, simply unscrew the mouthpiece and soak in Isopropyl alcohol

Built-in Lighter

Imagine not having to worry about carrying a lighter with you, or having to fumble around for matches when you need them. The Tomahawk's unique design incorporates a built-in lighter, capable of sparking-you-up about 250 times per refill of the butane tank. And, when you're out on one of the those windy days, the Tomahawk is going to work great, since the lighter's flame is internally-shielded.

Lord Vaper Pens The Chief Chuck Billy Tomahawk Pipe Lighter Switch for smoking cannabis herb pot hash weed

The Stash Tube

Not only do you get one Pod pre-installed in the combustion chamber, but a compact, smell-proof Stash Tube is included with four (4) additional Pods. The Stash Tube is great for taking on-the-go. Just pre-load the Pods, pop them into the smell-proof Stash Tube, and you're ready to go without worry that you'll stink-up the place!  

Lord Vaper Pens The Chief Chuck Billy Tomahawk Stash Tube for storing herb weed cannabis pot hash

Activated Charcoal Filter

The activated charcoal filters help reduce toxins that are produced as a result of the combustion process. As a result of filtering the toxins, you're going to get a cleaner, tastier and smoother hit. The filter is located in the very tip of the mouthpiece, and easily changed, when becoming clogged, by simply unscrewing the red section of the mouthpiece to expose the filter chamber. Our suggestion is to check the filter every 5-6 sessions, just until you understand how it progresses over time to becoming clogged, which depends on the type of material you're consuming. 

Lord Vaper Pens The Chief Chuck Billy Tomahawk Activated Charcoal Filter to reduce toxin and carcinogen from smoke inhalation weed pot grass cannabis 

Filling the Butane tank

The Tomahawk is shipped with an empty Butane tank, for obvious safety reasons. Most hardware stores, and some drugstores, carry Butane fuel refill canisters specifically for "refillable butane lighters," one such example is the picture of the Ronson product below. The Tomahawk uses very little Butane per light, so you only need a small bottle to last a long time.


 Click here to watch a short video showing how to fill the tank

Package Contents

▪ 1pc - The Chief Tomahawk Pipe (comes with one filter and Pod installed)
▪ 1pc - The Chief Tote Bag
▪ 1pc - The Chief Stash Tube (includes four Pods)
▪ 1pc - Cleaning Brush
▪ 1pc - Packing Tool
▪ 4pc - Activated Charcoal Filters (replacements)
▪ 2pc - Pipe Cleaners


    As a company concerned about the environment, we have transitioned to a lean packaging model, which effectively means we've completely removed all foam, inner boxing, and any other material that you would typically throw-away upon receiving the product. In no way have we compromised the quality of our shipping method. We hope that you feel as strongly about the environment, and that you don't mind having less packaging to throw-away. 

    Product Warranty

    The Chief products are warrantied, from the date of purchase, for a period of one (1) year for workmanship.