The Chief "Dream Catcher" Oil Cartridge Battery

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Looking for the ultimate in discretion, and the best in cartridge protection, while enjoying the on-the-go convenience of oil cartridges? Look no further, Chuck Billy's "Dream Catcher," one of many awesome products in The Chief Signature Series, is the Oil Cartridge Battery that has it all! From its rock-solid, cool-looking 'Zippo-like' ergonomic design, to its long-lasting battery capacity, and an awesome set of features, the Dream Catcher is the perfect complement to your existing equipment. Whether you're on the go, at a party, or just sitting at home, the Dream Catcher can be with you in your pocket, purse, or backpack, without the worry of damaging your oil cartridge, and it's always ready in seconds for that spontaneous need! 

You're going to love the way the Dream Catcher feels in your hand, with its soft uni-body lines, and a top cover that's easy to open with a flick of your thumb. Unlike the typical pen-style oil cartridge batteries on the market, which are difficult to conceal, the Dream Catcher is designed to fit discreetly in the palm of your hand. The power/trigger button is located in a comfortable spot on the side, allowing you to hold it for use in the most convenient, discreet position.

Utilizing a unique spring-loaded top, your oil cartridge, and its mouthpiece, will stay protected from the environment, providing the most protective and sanitary option available. You'll never go back to a pen-style battery after you switch to the Dream Catcher, because you'll never have another one of your expensive cartridges damaged due to exposure.

So, rock one of these awesome The Chief Signature Series "Dream Catchers" in front of your friends, and you're sure to be the center of attention!


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Chuck Billy The Chief Signature Series Dream Catcher Oil Cartridge Battery

Package Contents

▪ 1pc - The Chief "Dream Catcher" Oil Cartridge Battery
▪ 1pc - The Chief Tote Bag
▪ 1pc - The Chief Accessories Tote Bag
▪ 1pc - Short-length magnetic adapter (generally for 1.0mL cartridges)
▪ 1pc - Medium-length magnetic adapter (generally for 0.5mL cartridges)
▪ 1pc - Long-length magnetic adapter (generally for 0.5mL cartridges)
▪ 1pc - USB charging cable
▪ 1pc - Chuck Billy Collector's Card (personally autographed)
NOTE 1: No cartridges are supplied with this product.
NOTE 2: Maximum size of oil cartridge must be less than 2 3/4" long/tall and no wider than 0.43" (11mm).
NOTE 3: When charging the Dream Catcher, the oil cartridge should be removed to avoid electrical connection while charging.



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    Product Warranty

    The Chief products are warrantied, from the date of purchase, for a period of six (6) months for workmanship.