Focusvape Carts

$ 9.95

These Carts are made specifically to fit into the heating chamber of our Focusvape vaporizers. Now, using your Focusvape vaporizer couldn't get any easier, simply pre-load a cart, then drop it into the heating chamber when ready to use. Each set of two carts comes in a plastic carry tube.

Aromatic Blend Cart

This Cart is made out of high-quality stainless steel and fits perfectly in any of our Focusvape's heating chamber. 

Concentrate Cart

The Concentrate Cart is made out of ceramic for use with oils & waxes. It's an indispensable accessory when it comes to vaping aromatic oils or waxes, without the risk of oil spillage inside the Focusvape's heating chamber.

Product Warranty

Focusvape carts are warrantied for a period of 90-days under normal usage. Any use other than the intended usage will cause the warranty to be voided.