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For Immediate ReleaseJuly 26, 2018   TESTAMENT Vocalist Chuck Billy Expands “The Chief” Signature Vaporizer Line with New Products Introducing Two New Collections: - “The Chief” Signature Series of 420 Products - “The Chief of Thrash!” Merchandise Line   Order from Both Collections Now via   In early 2015, iconic TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy introduced his Signature Herbal Vaporizer pen, “The Chief”, by Lord Vaper Pens. In a time that most herbal smoking products and accessories were being marketed...
Is taking care of your lungs important to you? You know their importance to a long healthy life. Lord Vaper Pens is an advocate for the health benefits of cannabinoids, however we are also aware that the most popular form of cannabis consumption is through inhaling marijuana smoke. We care about your lungs. Inhaling smoke of any kind can cause major respiratory problems, especially for those already suffering from some sort of respiratory condition such as asthma. Is vaporizing healthier...
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