Lord Vaper Pens Forges the Way for Vaporizers

Interview with leading vaporizer pens company chief, Lord Vaper of www.LordVaperPens.com, makers of popular 710 kits such as the Cloudmaker, Dabajar-their line of silicone waxy oil containers and the fastest non-combustion herbal vaporizer, X-PEN PRO.

1) Why electronic vaporizers or vape pens for dry herbs?

My brother came to me with an idea about creating our own electronic pipes. I was exiting the adult-internet industry and was a bit bored with it all after having done very well for many years I was looking for a new venture. He showed me something an acquaintance of his had developed which was your basic “micro” vape pen, you know, the oval-shaped battery with small attachment atomizers with those frail little coils in them. Being a computer geek for almost 30 years (and a total gadget-head) I was immediately taken aback and wanted to create something better. Suddenly the name “Lord Vaper” came to me, and my brother said, “That's it!”. I spent the next few weeks doing extensive research and sourcing before developing our first vape kit.

The pipes I once used as a smoker required the use of a lighter or a match to ignite the herbs we were smoking so this was definitely a step in a new direction. It dawned on me that a new era was at hand and we were about to see an explosion in the “420” and “710” product industry. 710 upside down looks like the word “OIL” which is attributed to waxy concentrates that are very concentrated forms of THC and/or CBD's, the main active chemicals in cannabis. This movement may or may not pan out to be as big as the dot-com bubble but we are seeing massive growth in the sector as more and more states are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana use. This surging interest among smokers to begin “vaping” instead of using combustion-based pipes, joints or bongs was reason enough to begin developing and selling some cool, yet effective new products at Lord Vaper Pens.

My grandmother died of cancer about 20 years ago and I often wonder if I could have helped her in some way, although medical cannabis wasn't legal in California yet then. I often wonder if she'd still be here if she were treated with medical marijuana. My offering is a tribute to her as well as anyone else suffering from diseases that are being treated with medical cannabis due to its helpful effects on symptoms. Lord Vaper was borne of a desire to help others.

2) What makes Lord Vaper Pens different from the competition?

Lord Vaper creates custom vaporizer kits while keeping an eye on quality and standing behind our products with exchanges when necessary and awesome customer service. We've upgraded our latest kits from the old wick style atomizer to new, modern, more durable coils like the VertiCoil we offer. As the name suggests, this is a vertical coil that stands upright of course and is less breakable than its old relatives. Our latest product, the X-PEN Pro is a coil-free, true non-combustion vaporizer which heats within 60 seconds. That's pretty fast for a premium convection portable. Lord Vaper has received some very pleasing emails about our fast and helpful customer service. Lately, I'm stoked to collaborate with a friend of mine who is an absolute icon in the heavy “thrash” metal world. Together we're launching some killer co-branded vaporizers under his nickname, which you will all soon be privy to.




3) Are you concerned about future FDA or other government bans on vaporizers?

Recently I saw an article about medical doctors beginning to see promise in offering vaporizers to their patients who legally consume cannabis. With so many states legalizing cannabis use, there will be regulations set state-by-state for the drug and possibly delivery vehicles such as vaporizers including perimeter bans, but I really don't foresee any blanket vaporizer bans occurring.

4) What products are you currently offering?

The Lord Vaper Cloudmaker is a popular kit for waxy concentrates that comes with a tougher glass globe and 3 different attachments. It also includes a new herb bowl attachment I crafted with the vertical coil I mentioned. This way a customer can utilize his/her dry blends as well as concentrates. The X-PEN series has received many rave reviews for it's stealth e-cig shape and works for concentrates as well as dry blends. The latest is the X-PEN Pro as I mentioned before, giving the user a premium experience in seconds. Just add dry herbal medicine to the large stainless chamber and choose one of three temp settings. I had to make sure we offered an easy-to-use product that really works well. With so many overpriced premium portable vaporizers on the market now it was important to consider a lower price also. Why pay for those aluminum vapes that cost nearly $300 USD when you can get an amazingly effective non-combustion vape pen for under $100 dollars? You'll find the X-PEN PRO at LordVaperPens.com

5) Do you think it is only a temporary industry ? 

Absolutely not. Do you see cannabis falling off the earth? I do foresee a major shake-down in the industry however. While there has been a low barrier of entry to get started operating a “vape shop” or even one's own brand, it's likely many businesses will succumb to marketing costs and not proceed past their first year, as with many new start-ups.

6) Are your products already located internationally?

Sure, most recently I've been providing South Africa with a good deal of vape pens and have received much applause from the kind folks there. I can't say enough good things about the good people I've had the pleasure of working with in Africa and abroad. We continue to spread our brand around the globe and offer free shipping as well as competitive international rates. Wholesale orders to resellers are encouraged and anyone with a smoke shop, vape shop, online vaporizer shop, etc can request reseller rates via the Wholesale link on our website.

7) Can you tell us about starting a new business in such a high risk industry? Was it hard to make the move? Did you have any fears? Any doubts?

Oh man, I was already in a high-risk industry for over 15 years so walking the line is nothing new to me. There is risk in any business... and who doesn't have doubts, I'm just a very positive person with a lot of confidence and as long as the ideas keep flowing, I'm going to continue putting out cool products for those who will buy them.

8) The main opposition to e-cigs is that instead of making people quit smoking, they encourage kids to start smoking. What is your position on this matter?

As with any smoking (or vaping) product, local laws apply and should be strictly enforced. Lord Vaper Pens allows sales to those 18 years of age or older only. It's very important to educate people about the benefits associated with e-cigs and vaporizers as well as the risks. We as good people have a responsibility to take care of our youth and each other. That said, “May the Vape Be With You!”

Lord Vaper
LordVaperPens.com CEO
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